Gold Country Run & Annual Picnic Saturday July 24, 2021

Your Hosts For The Event:  Dave and Anne Sitter Date of the Event: Saturday July 24, 2021  This is a fun run into the beautiful and historic...

Edmunds Latest Long Term 2014 MINI Cooper Review

Edmunds.com gave a send off to its 2014 MINI Cooper Long Term Tester by taking a family drive to Castle Air Museum in Atwater, Cailfornia. Senior Automotive Editor Brent Romans muses:
. . . One aspect that stood out more this time was wind and road noise. I went on record earlier this year claiming our Mini Cooper was quiet on the highway. Well, it seemed nosier this time around, which might have had something to do with different kinds of road surfaces. Also, I was often answering my son's "Are we there yet?" questions, which could have influenced me noticing the wind and road noise more. But I wouldn't have described it as quiet on this trip.

My son was otherwise happy sitting in back, and I've come to appreciate the Mini Cooper's boxy profile. Compared to other small two-door coupes with a sloping roofline, the Cooper is easier to step in back and strap little kids into their safety or booster seats. . . . .