Annual Picnic and Monterey County Run - Sunday August 28th

 Mark Your Calendars For This Great Event Your Hosts For This Event: Mick Brown and Vickie Casacca FULL DETAILS COMING SOON!!

"A Bratty Car"

The Star, calling it "a bratty car" in its review, writes, in part, about the 2016 MINI John Cooper Works hatchback:
. . . This engine has loads of pull in the low and mid range, but flogging it much above 5,000 rpm doesn’t net much benefit. No worries, you’re flying by then anyway. These roads are initially pretty rough, and Sport is just too much — the JCW is pitching and bucking. When things smooth out the car gets happier, and so do we. The beauty of the Mini JCW is its imminently exploitable performance. You can push it without fear of retribution, and unlike its predecessor (which was the poster child for nervous handling and crazy torque steer) this 2016 model shows none of that. . . .