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MINI Showroom Staff Suspended Over Mock ISIS Execution

According to Chronicle Daily:
Kneeling with their arms bound behind their backs and sacks pulled over their bowed heads, two female sales staff decide to lighten the day with a spot of ultra dark humour.

Salesman Mark Hutchison posted this photo on Whatsapp.

It began when a male member of staff sent a picture of a customer in traditional Islamic dress leaving the Harry Fairburn Mini UK showroom in Giffnock, Glasgow.

'There's a guy talking to Margaret...He says he HAS to speak to YOU and only YOU!!!', he wrote in the caption - referring to an elderly man using a crutch.

One of the women then described the man as her "Arabic prince" before adding 'tell that slut Margaret to back off!'

Shortly after another customer came to the dealership and had a disagreement with someone from the staff the sick prank photo was taken.

"It's shocking. With the ISIS thing, it was not funny", the disgruntled ex-staff member said after leaking the photo. This is not the first time when an ISIS inspired "prank" happened at a workplace. At a HSBC branch in Birmingham 6 employees mocked an ISIS hostage video.

The appalling footage, filmed during a team-building exercise at a go-karting track, showed five employees wearing black, including balaclavas, while an Asian member of staff kneels on the ground in an orange jumpsuit.

HSBC later confirmed that all employees involved in the stunt had been sacked.

ISIS have developed a brutal reputation for carrying out executions of western hostages and punishments in the streets of Iraq and Syria. Chronicle Daily.