Monday, April 20, 2009

100 MPG Hummer - Almost

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up for the "100 MPG" Raser Electric Hummer H3 unveiling at the 2009 SAE World Congress in Detroit. Jalopnik has an article and photographs.

The new Hummer gets 100 mph only if you don't drive over 60 miles in a day. Over that you can expect about 33 mpg since the drivetrain is a 200 kW motor to drive the wheels and a turbocharged Ecotec four-cylinder to power a 100 kW generator to charge the batteries and run the e-motor.

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Anonymous said...

finally someone telling the truth about it. they factor in the first 40 miles at zero gas. dont mention that u had to charge it up at home costing you $ for electricity.
second lie is it ain't a hummer. without the hummer engine, it is just a box with an electric engine. i doubt it has anywhere near the horsepower a regular hummer has. i doubt u could pull anything with it.
third lie, what is the life of the battery? they dont factor in the major 'repair' cost of replacing the battery.