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BMW/MINI Roadside Assistance Smartphone App

Introduced for MINI last year the Roadside "Roadside Assistance" Smartphone application will be expanded to BMW. According to BimmerFile, "[o]nce registered, the VIN, GPS Coordinates and type of service requested is electronically transmitted to a roadside call center. This has the potential to reduce the call time by 60% leading to quicker dispatching and an overall better experience." The app will be launched for download on April 8th for Android and Blackberry phones. Here is what it can do:

The Key Features:

Roadside Services – Get connected with Roadside Assistance by selecting the service you require including: Towing, Battery, Tire, Fuel, Lock Out , and more

Dealer Locator – Search and find Centers near you. Pin point dealers closest to your location, find hours of operation, and obtain dealer contact information

Service Details – The minute help is on the way a reference number, service dispatch information, & Estimated Time of Arrival is transmitted directly to your phone

VIN Registration –Confirm your BMW’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and eligibility for Roadside Assistance thus expediting the service dispatch

Some of the key new features include:

Dealer locator
BMW Assist speed dial (for remote unlock and stolen vehicle recovery)
multiple vin registry

Check out BimmerFile for screen shots and a list of compatible phones.