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Women Stay In Love With Their Cars Longer Than Men

A survey of 2,500 drivers by Lease Trader discovered that "the 'honeymoon period' for a man and his car is four months, compared to 14 months for women. Most men consider the honeymoon over when they start parking their car around other cars, women when they let their spouses drive." Here is the full list of what the survey found when men and women were asked when the "honeymoon period" ends:


Parks around other cars (33%)
Starts transporting sports equipment (22%)
Less frequent car cleaning (17%)

High-payment starts to bother them (12%)
Stops using gas mileage button (7%)

No more fights over who drives during long trips (3%)

Other (6%)


Lets spouse finally drive car (39%)
Starts car-pooling other kids (24%)
Started eating in car (12%)
Puts makeup on while driving (9%)

Leaves clothes in car (6%)

Starts smoking in car (2%)

Other (8%)

[Source: via Jalopnik]