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Motor Trend Updates Long Term Review Of 2011 MCS Countryman All4

Motor Trend provides its second update to its review of its long term 2011 MCS Countryman All4 tester.  For Mike Floyd, who writes the article,  the ride of the vehicle can sometimes be unacceptable.  He says, in part:
Four of us (my wife was seated behind me, also comfortably) went on several trips and not once did we have any spatial issues. I could tell my stepdad was impressed -- he remarked several times about how well he fit in the Countryman, with plenty of leg and headroom to spare.

Alas, all was not well during our excursions in and around L.A. My rear seat passengers took the brunt of several hits over manhole covers and broken pavement, sending significant jolts through both of them thanks to the suspension setup and the run flat tires that would be right at home affixed to Fred Flintstone's ride. It's an issue with all Minis we'd like to see addressed in some manner, possibly for non-S cars at the very least. While I can and do appreciate how Minis are setup, my mom and wife -- not so much.