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MotoringFile Provides A 10K Mileage Review Of The Countryman

MotoringFile does a long-term review of its MINI Countryman now that it has  10K on the odometer.  It concludes:
We still have a ways to go in our Countryman and a full long-term report to deliver. But with 10,000 miles under our belts we can safely say the Countryman Cooper S All4 has been a supremely impressive commuter, hauler and family car all while still being a MINI. In foul weather it’s confident and (dare we say it) incredibly fun.

While it loses some of what makes the R5X models so much fun to drive in perfect weather conditions, it gives you the space and utility that many times is required. In short this is the MINI that you don’t have to apologize for with friends and family.

Would we buy one with our own money? We’ll answer that in our final few months.