Avenue of the Giants Weekend Run - Sat. March 23, 2024

Saturday will be a very full day of cruising from Novato up through the Avenue of the Giants and ending at Eel River Brewing in Fortuna. Sun...

A Woman's Perspective On The MINI Coupe, Maybe.

Alissa Barry supposedly gives a woman's perspective on the MINI Coupe for 303 Magazine (she actually works for RalphSchompMINI.com located in Littleton, CO.) . However, with these concluding comments we can't help think Alissa is a tom-boy:
Even though I didn’t take the Coupe across country, it’s such a kick to drive, that I couldn’t help but see an old school ninja movie playing in my head every time I got behind the wheel. I kept thinking of Speed Racer and ah-HA, watch me make this turn, ah-HA. I’m not sure who you’d be fighting in this ninja driving scenario, but here’s how shopping would go down in fast forward with bad oriental sound effects: Ride quickly and powerfully to the grocery story in 3rd gear then throw down an upside-down forearm block with 2nd gear into the parking lot. A call comes in. You prepare your nav system for bluetooth communication (awkwardly dubbed over foreign-movie style.) You hang up your bluetooth, locate your parking space, then reposition for a scissor punch then tire screech and back into your spot. Insert groceries into grocery bag-sized trunk then wah-push the sport button for the final chop with mega-tight responsiveness in a fatal crescent kick blow leaving tread marks behind you. Zoom in extreme close up of driver making some karate hand movement. Good fight. Bow. Insert Gong.