Avenue of the Giants Weekend Run - Sat. March 23, 2024

Saturday will be a very full day of cruising from Novato up through the Avenue of the Giants and ending at Eel River Brewing in Fortuna. Sun...

Automobile 4 Season Update Of 2011 S Countryman All4 Tester

Now after 8 months and 16,910 miles on the odometer Joe Lorio updates the review, and Joe DeMatio provides photos for the updated review published in Automobile.  The vehicle had a faulty clutch replaced but not everyone is satisfied with the feel of the new one.  Primarily due to the clutch issue Lorio writes,
I love this car's interior packaging, its styling, and especially its performance," agrees associate web editor Evan McCausland. But he then goes on to bemoan the Mini's high price tag, harsh ride, rattle-prone interior, and -- yes -- "finicky clutch take-up." The Countryman had been on his wife's short list to replace her aging Honda CR-V, but now McCausland says, "I'm not so sure."

Our long-term Countryman has four more months to win its way back onto that list, and into our good graces.