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DIY: Reviving And Programming A Dead MINI Key

Andrew-JCW @ MINI2 discusses how he revived a dead 2005 MINI key and was able to program it. He writes:

Had my 2005 MCS JCW for a whole 7 days now and loving it . But one of the remote keys was completely dead! 

Tried re-programming as per the instructions on the forum and driving around all week with it in the ignition hoping it would charge but nothing seemed to work!

Last night decided I would have to get a replacement or break it open to replace the battery.

As a last resort I thought I would read up on induction charging as this is how the battery is meant to recharge whilst the key is in the ignition. My thoughts were that it could not get enough time to charge the battery if it was completely drained (common when the keys aren’t used for long periods). So I needed to find a way to boost the charge for an extended period of time.

So last night I left my key fob lying on top of my electric toothbrush induction charger in the hope that it would charge the key. 

HEY PRESTO!  This morning I followed the re-programming instruction below and it worked (also re-programmed the working one to make sure they both worked!).

So if you are having trouble with charging your key it might be worth trying to charge it with your electric toothbrush induction charger! 

I found these instruction for programming the keys via a search on this forum and can confirm that they worked for me;

1. Have all the keys on you when you get into the car.
2. Get in and shut the doors (don’t open them until you are finished programming)
3. Put a key in the ignition and turn on (no need to start the engine) then back off and take the key out within 5 seconds.
4. Now hold down the unlock button, while continuing to hold it down press the lock button 3 times, then release the unlock button. The doors will now lock and unlock. DON’T open the doors or door locks yet.
5. Repeat action 4 for ALL other keys.
6. Once you’ve finished doing this to all the keys you can open the doors and/or use your keys in the ignition.
7. Try to lock and lock the doors remotely with all the key fobs. If they don’t work try again but make sure the sequence is followed completely as it’s critical.

If the key fob still doesn’t work then probably the re-chargeable battery is beyond recovery and you will be faced with a ££££ bill for replacement .

I hope this helps some of the rest of you with dead rechargeable remote key fobs