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MINI Cooper Coupe As A "Smallternative"

Rick Newman, writing for The Daily Ossining, calls the MINI Cooper Coupe a "smallternative."  Here is summary of the vehicle:

What’s good: The Mini coupe has the same diminutive appeal as the more familiar Cooper hatchback, except more so. The go-karty ride is crisp and exhilarating. Mileage is good. And you’ll snag parking spaces most other cars can’t possibly squeeze into. Gadget geeks will love the retractable rear spoiler that deploys automatically at about 50 MPH, to enhance stability. 
What’s bad: It has all the drawbacks of tiny cars. Visibility is terrible, even out the front windshield, which is so low you’ll need to stop farther away from traffic lights than you’re used to in order to see them. There’s precious little cargo space. Since you’re lower to the ground, the ride can be punishing on any pavement with imperfections. As with BMWs, a few options -- $250 for a center armrest? -- can quickly add thousands to the price.