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U.S. News Reviews The 2012 Roadster Through Others

U.S. News in its Best Cars column revie4ws the 2012 MINI Roadster rating it No. 6 among "Affordable Sports Cars."  It provides these conclusions:

Roadster Performance - 8.2 (Very Good)
Mini’s traditional go-kart handling is alive and well in the 2012 Mini Roadster. Automobile Magazine writes that “the Roadster drives pretty much like any other Mini. Mostly, of course, that's a very good thing.” Read More
Roadster Exterior - 8.0 (Very Good)
Compared with other Minis, auto writers agree that the Roadster has an attractive, sporty look. Edmunds writes that “the canvas hood is more aesthetically pleasing than the Coupe's inverted baseball cap.”
Roadster Interior - 6.5 (Mediocre)
While the Roadster’s soft top can be noisy on the highway, reviewers approve of its comfortable, upscale cabin. Car and Driver says, “The seats are long-haul comfortable and high-g-load supportive, and the nav system is easy to use and readable even with sun on the screen.” Read More
Roadster Safety - NA
Neither the federal government nor the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has crash tested the 2012 Mini Cooper Roadster. Read More
Roadster Reliability - NA
The 2012 Mini Cooper Roadster comes with a four-year/50,000-mile limited warranty. Read More