Lodging Planner for Lake Tahoe Weekend Run - May 18 - 19, 2024

Saturday and Sunday overnight run to South Lake Tahoe. Enjoy the backroads, less traveled, and even more scenic than your usual run up the f...

AutoTrader.com Drives The 2013 Roadster

Joni Gray writes for AutoTrader.com about her first drive in the 2013 Roadster.  She concludes:
With its low center of gravity, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), rigid body and Electric Power Steering, the Roadster takes twisting roads much like it's bigger brother, the Mini Cooper, firmly planted on the ground with quick and responsive steering and very little body roll. But with no spare and run flat tires, you'll be able to feel every bump in the road. This is not a problem if you believe that's really what roadsters are all about, however.

If an affordable, fun, two-seat roadster is on your shopping list, Mini Cooper Roadster should be near the top, alongside the Mazda Miata MX-5.