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Motor Trend Updates Its Long Term 2011 S Countryman All4

Now at nine months and 15,774 miles in, Mike Floyd provides a long term review of the 2011 MCS Countryman All4 for Motor Trend and says, in part:
Much as the big-time baller who's lost a step, the Countryman's a couple of ticks slower than its other S-badged stablemates, but it still blasts out of the gate quickly and hits the on-ramp gaps. Roll hard into a corner and you will notice its heft and a fair amount of body roll, but you feel in control of the car and there's predictably less understeer than in other Minis. You're not going to be able to toss it around as much on an autocross as its small-fry Cooper kin, but you wouldn't embarrass yourself either.

There is room in any lineup for a bigger, more experienced star who can handle still their business and deliver when called upon, and the Countryman is it for Mini. It's the designated hitter for Mini fans looking for that big bopper option.