Lodging Planner for Lake Tahoe Weekend Run - May 18 - 19, 2024

Saturday and Sunday overnight run to South Lake Tahoe. Enjoy the backroads, less traveled, and even more scenic than your usual run up the f...

Musings From Motor Trend On Its Long Term Countryman In CA

Motor Trend's Christian Seabaugh brought their long term test 2011 Countryman to Northern and Southern California for a little business and R&R.  Seabaugh writes, in part:
The Countryman was an excellent companion in the twisty hills leading to the area’s marinas and campgrounds. I knew the Countryman was going to be great in the twisties. What I was more curious to find out was how the all-wheel-drive Mini would handle a little light off-roading on the dirt access roads surrounding the lake. With its sporty suspension, run-flat tires, and front-biased all-wheel drive system, I frankly wasn’t expecting much. Much to my surprise the Countryman took to the dirt access roads like an excited puppy bounding to the door to welcome its owner. Mini’s rally roots proudly shown through and it took every ounce of will in my body to resist tire-destroying dirt road hooning.