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Can You Make A Business Case For Producing The Superleggera?

Gabe Beita Kiser tries in an article for Car Buzz. Kiser pleads (and we couldn't agree more):
. . . the Mini Superleggera keeps things simple with a classic and iconic look, like a reincarnation of the Jaguar E-Type. A properly done chassis by BMW could give the Superleggera the ammo it needs to fight the Mazda MX-5 Miata while a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder could supply the gunpowder with about 200 horsepower of grunt. BMW could go as far as to supply the Mini with a light inline-six if horsepower figures in the neighborhood of the 300s are needed, although the bean counters would probably ax this idea in order to preserve sales of the M2. Regardless, the zippy and fun Superleggera would help to preserve Mini's playful image, one that is steadily being eroded by its bigger cars.

Depending on the balls that BMW has, it could extend the car and give it a solid roof to create a four-door Grand Coupe. And why not? The Germans are doing it with every other two-door and Mini doesn’t exactly have a history of sticking to its two-door guns. Going down the sedan/coupe route and adding the electric motors as Mini had initially planned for the car would open new doors. With a low price, a plug-in hybrid or even an electric Superleggera could give the Model 3 some solid competition despite its reduced practicality. As Mini has shown us before, emotion and retro design can trump reliability, practicality, and logic to create moneymaking cars that look great and are fun to drive. Please Mini, make it happen.