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Check Up On Grandpa's Driving With CarCheckup

Teenagers aren't the only people whose driving should be monitored. There is also Grandpa and Grandma.

CarCheckup is a nondescript gray box that plugs into a vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic II (OBD II) port and records miles traveled, panic braking, heavy acceleration and a myriad of other statistics ranging from RPM to fuel flow. After driving the CarCheckup is plugged into a computer USB port and data is uploaded to the device’s dedicated website — which only works with Windows and Internet Explorer. The data is rendered in a series of charts and graphs onscreen like this one that charts MPH to help you decide whether Grandpa or Grandma should keep the keys:

CarCheckup doesn’t track near-misses, ignored stop signs or omnipresent left turn signals. For that, you’ll have to brave the passenger seat.

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