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Is The MINI A Great Date Car?

Autoweek analyzes eight cars for date-worthiness from the male and female perspective. One in the MINI. The male proposes it to be a good date car, not so for the woman in rebuttal. Here's the diatribe:
Proposition: The Mini gets a classic look to hide its aggressive demeanor. It's good on gas, when you're gentle, and relatively inexpensive to own. The Mini has the utility for a road trip but can tear up the track at a couple's autocross. It says I'm well-researched and I can get everything I want in the same package.

Rebuttal: Don't get me wrong, I love this car. But I would rather be the one driving it than the one being picked up in it. Did he borrow his mom's ride to take me out on a date? Does he live with his mom?

[Photo Credit: Motor Trend]