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MotoringFile's Impressions From Driving The MINI JCW Coupe

MotoringFile got two full stints in the R58 Coupe at Austria’s Wachaurin racetrack and analyzes the differences in the vehicle from the hatchbacks. It has lots of pictures in its photo gallery of the foray and overall seems to have been impressed by the vehicle and its track manners. It concluded:
Why Should I Love it or Hate it?

In its current form MINI Coupe isn’t the new GP. That may come. But for now it’s just a new iteration on the same formula so many of us love. Albeit one with a few twists.

Are the twists worth it? Does the styling work for you? Does the formula of two seats and bigger boot make sense? Ultimately for most it won’t. Like the Z3 M Coupe or even the GP there will be too many compromises to make most of us ever seriously consider it. And that’s by design. It’s meant for a person with a specific mind-set or perhaps in a particular place in their life. Whatever the circumstance it’s the owner that’s meant to make the compromises and not the car. And the result is low volume and a car that will achieve cult status years down the road.

Do we love it? I’m a bit relieved to say I (for my part) do. After a couple of stints on the track and some quality time with the finished product my expectations have been exceeded in every way. Yes there were some surprises and even a few disappointments (the weight clearly falls into that category) but the car exceeds at delivering what the concept promised.

It may not be as light or even as fast as some of us had hoped. But it’s everything a MINI already is, with a bit of swagger thrown in.