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Turn Signals? We Don't Need No Stinking Turn Signals

A three-judge panel of the California Court of Appeals Fourth Appellate District, located in Southern California, has ruled that California drivers do not need to use their turn signals if no other car is nearby.  The appeal stems from an Orange County case where La Habra Police Officer Nick Wilson stopped Paul David Carmona, Jr. for making a right-hand turn in his Chevy SUV without signaling. Wilson was about 55 feet away traveling in the opposite direction at the time Carmona made his turn. The road was otherwise empty. As a result of the stop the officer found drugs in Carmona's car. The court ordered evidence of the drugs suppressed since the stop for failure to use a tun signal when noone else was around was improper.

You can read the whole appellate court opinion here.

[Source: via The Truth About Cars]