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Daily Drivers Review The MINI Countryman

The St. Petersburg Times' "Daily Drivers" Peter Couture and Lyra Solochek review the MINI Countryman. Couture's favorite things about the Countryman:
Rail: The adjustable system to hold cups and gadgets is unique.
Look: The Countryman has a look-at-me rugged vibe.

Gauges: Some may find them too over the top, but not me.

Solochek most liked:
Ambient lighting: Choose from more than 10 colors.
Personalize: From body and roof colors to bonnet stripes, there are a lot of options to make it your own.
Cargo space: Grocery run? No problem. Much better than its siblings.
Their bottom line conclusion:
If you've always wanted a MINI but couldn't justify the lack of space, this car is for you. Of course, you first must ask yourself if the style justifies the price tag. Just don't expect that go-kart handling.