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The MINI Inspired By Goodwood Isn't Worth It?

Joshua Condon writing for msn.auto's column "Exhaust Notes" says that the MINI Inspired by Goodwood "doesn't appear quite as luxurious as it's made out to be."

Condon complains:
A MINI is not designed this way, and the interior, while spacious for a small car, is still a small car's interior designed for plastic and basic metals, so rather than an expanse of wood and leather in the Goodwood MINI, you get a bit here, a touch there and a suggestion elsewhere. The tactile experience -- seats, steering wheel, floor mats -- is nice enough, no doubt, but it's nowhere near enough to register the actual quality of materials used on an overall, swaddled-in-comfort way that you'd expect with an actual Roller.
To call the Goodwood MINI a blatant cash grab is redundant -- of course it is. The real problem is that the car doesn't feel expensive, but rather "too expensive." The Black Diamond paint job is nice, though.