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Helmet Head MINI JCW Coupé Makes UAE Splash

The National, an English paper for the United Arab Emirates, lovingingly reviews the MINI JCW Coupé and makes some interesting comparisons to the hatchback:
Thankfully, Mini hasn't fitted a pair of pretend rear seats. Instead, there's a shelf for storing such things as small bags and the bulk head allows access to the boot. Incredibly, this is significantly bigger in capacity than the regular Mini's, boasting 280L of storage to the hatchback's 160L. It's easier to access as well and there's a hidden area for valuables.
You might want to stash any breakables there, too. And stuff it with bubble wrap for good measure. That's because the coupe positively encourages hooliganism behind the wheel. The regular JCW model has always been a bit of a live wire, but the Coupé version is even more rapid. There's less weight over the rear wheels, so it's lively when driven fast, and feels much more powerful than its 211hp figure suggests.
That's down to the torque. A figure of at least 260Nm is available from just 1,850rpm, all the way around to 5,600rpm. If the engine management system approves, you can even have access to 280Nm thanks to an "overboost" facility. In tight corners the Coupé just about manages this level of grunt and it's all too easy to spin one of the front wheels if you're a little eager with the throttle.
Sport mode makes the car feel even faster thanks to a sharper throttle response and less power steering assistance, while the settings available in the various stability and traction-control systems allow the driver to customise how the car reacts when driven fast. By default it reins in exuberance safely, but more experienced drivers will love how it reacts in the most extreme settings.