Sonora Run - Sunday June 9, 2024

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Motor Trend Assesses Its First Drives In The 2014 MINI Hatchbacks

Scott Burgess takes a ride in the new MINI Hatchbacks and reviews them for Motor Trend.  He decides:
the new chassis responds to every input with ease. The steering is tight and allows for aggressive driving, but it is not overly tight. Both cars jump into corners and hold their lines extremely well. The new spring-and-damper set-up allows for the Mini to maintain its body much better, instead of swaying too much. It also allows the Mini to provide the driver with road inputs but not in an overly aggressive manner. The ride is surprisingly quiet, with just the right noises coming into the cabin. That's where you really notice the improvements. The Mini no longer is raw or gritty. It doesn't squeak or rattle or smell of plastic parts and bits. This Mini rides smoother, provides more power and more efficiency, comes loaded with high-tech features, and even provides a little more room.

Our Mini may be all grown up, but deep down, its soul remains Mini.