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" . . . The Half-Size BMW"

Matt Davis went to Puerto Rico, drove the new MINI Cooper and Cooper S and wrote about it for Yahoo! Autos. Davis decides, in part:
While the anti-kitsch purge was mostly successful, the new LED multi-color outer ring on the center dash proves it was not a total victory. Clearly, BMW Group feels that youthful people with disposable income need some disco feature on their Mini, but this idea should have been killed in the prototype stage. Not because it is necessarily distracting, but because it is unnecessarily tacky.

The more grownup Gen 3 Mini all in all is off to a good start and deliveries in the United States begin in March. Next come the new Mini Convertible, Clubman, and all-new five-door hatch in 2015, then eventually the 220-hp John Cooper Works edition shown at this past Detroit auto show. After a pause at the crossroads, Mini has found the right road ahead.