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MSN Autos' 2014 MINI Cooper First Drive Review

James Tate provides an extensive first drive review to MSN Autos. Tate concludes, in part:
With the MINI brand, BMW has clearly set its sights on a more discerning buyer than you'd think occupies the subcompact segment, but it has done so without losing MINI's uniquely youthful appeal. This car is still a bit of an anomaly in the market, as it doesn't face much direct competition without the buyer considering something larger, such as the Volkswagen Golf or GTI. It's also plainly obvious how the MINI differs from its more budget-oriented pint-sized competitors — even the ones we love, such as the Mazda2 and Ford Fiesta. It may be a subcompact "hot hatch," but it's hardly cheap (figuratively and literally) and definitely gets props for its ability to feel high-quality without resorting to traditional luxury clich├ęs. The MINI Cooper remains the most fun small car that money can buy.