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NORCAL MINIS Welcomes Club Vendor Fat Cat Motorsports

NORCAL MINIS is pleased to welcome Fat Cat Motorsports to its list of Club Discount Vendors. Fat Cat Motorsports is a quality performance suspension consultant and parts retailer. Located in the Bay Area, but primarily operated on-line, this is what the company is about in its own words:
Welcome to Fat Cat Motorsports, home of 'The Perfect Ride' and Suspension Truth. We focus on optimizing people's relationships with their vehicles. Instead of looking at a car's suspension as a collection of parts, we have come to an understanding of Suspension Truth that integrates many aspects of a vehicle in order to deliver a superlative driving experience. With over 500 uniquely designed and individually tailored FCM Elite suspensions for a wide variety of vehicles, we are proud to call ourselves Suspension Sculptors.
Here's a taste of what Fat Cat Motorsports does:

NORCAL MINIS is pleased to advise its members that Fat Cat Motorsports offers NORCAL MINIS Members 10% off revalves or a complimentary bumpstop set with a set of revalves.

Thank you Fat Cat Motorsports and NORCAL MINIS supporter Kai Marx!