Annual Picnic and Monterey County Run - Sunday August 28th

 Mark Your Calendars For This Great Event Your Hosts For This Event: Mick Brown and Vickie Casacca FULL DETAILS COMING SOON!!

The 2016 MINI Clubman

MotoringFile summarizes "Everything You Need To Know" about the 2016 MINI Clubman, with such gems as:
While the entire car is wider (noticeably so), the nose from the bumper up looks to be very similar to that of the F56. Good news for those critical of the F56 front bumper design, the F54 Clubman tones down that design creating something much more subtle while achieving the same aero function. Speaking of aero the Clubman will also feature the introduction of a patented BMW aero technology called “Air Curtain.” Together with the “Air Breather” the system reduces drag on the bodyshell in a very simple, but extremely effective way. . . . .