Annual Picnic and Monterey County Run - Sunday August 28th

 Mark Your Calendars For This Great Event Your Hosts For This Event: Mick Brown and Vickie Casacca FULL DETAILS COMING SOON!!

Just Drive There Reviews The 2016 MINI

Just Drive There asks whether the 2016 base MINI can "still blow the doors off" and is non-plussed. It concludes:
. . .Overall the Mini Cooper is a good car. And that’s the problem, it is just average. It should not be average; it is a Mini after all! Where is the legendary chassis, the legendary chuckability and the legendary look? All in all, the car has no character. I guess you could say it has finally been Germanized…. Honestly, if it were not for the neo-retro-ish styling in the interior, from the driver’s seat it felt no more special than a VW Polo or Honda Civic. . . .