Monday, August 9, 2010

Scott & Tara MTTS Recap Day 2

MTTS 2010
Aug. 7
Day 2

Continuing our adventure, last night as we got settled into LA, where we were hosted by the area MINI dealers at the California Science Center. Once again we enjoyed a great party with awesome food & drink, some cool tunes, all while some fun to watch MINI videos played on a huge screen and there was even a woman all dress up, singing & dancing amongst the crowd of several hundred people on stilts!!!

Our morning began at the Santa Anita Racetrack where we greeted by a live band playing. We checked in, got our coffee & bagels and proceeded to mill around and talk with other enthusiasts of the over 100 cars lined up and ready to take the streets once again. Promptly at 8 am we were again given police escort to the freeway and it was off to Phoenix where we were WARMLY greeted by the wonderful cactus people of the Arizona desert. On the road to Phoenix we all stopped at the Chriaco Summit, where at just a few clicks above 100 degrees outside, we were greeted by the MINI hospitality team and served ice cream no less!! An ice cream cart in the middle of the desert??? Who could have imagined.

Settled into the hotel, as the sun sets in the west, we join even more owners now at a pool party hosted once again by the area dealers. Great food & drink, cool water to splash around in and a DJ playing awesome tunes with plenty of karaoke microphones for everyone to sing their favorites! We are off to Vegas in the morning, so there will be no blog tomorrow, cuz you know what they say “What happens in Vegas……….”

Scott, Tara & Chilly Rabbit

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