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DIY: Easy Fix To Stop Oil In Intake Manifold From Crankcase

Those of you with turbo MINIs, specifically R56's, a known problem with the Peugeot designed engine is oil in the intake manifold that ultimately causes cylinder head and intake valve problems. According to etuners the answer is directly from Peugeot:
The new RCZ and 308GTI with the THP200 engine have a small difference in their intake manifold compared to the older models.

While the manifold body is the same, there is a very small cap that closes the rear PCV hose in the THP200 engine, which does not exist on the THP150 and 175hp engines.

PCV is the Positive Crankcase Ventilation system, which forces blowby gases back (and a lot of oil coming with it) in the intake system.

This cap is very cheap and available from Peugeot (part code 0361S4 ), using it saves the trouble of having to clean your intake from oil and combustion residues.
etuners has do it yourself installation instructions with photographs.