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Mcchip's Modded MINI Cooper JCW Racer

autoevolution highlights German tuner Mcchip's MINI Cooper JCW racing prject car.  Almost the only thing left that is BMW or MINI is the body:
From what we are able to understand, this project starts out with a MINI Cooper JCW track car they actually built last year. But because the car comes with a manual and a relatively small 1.6-liter turbo, they decided to do an engine swap.

A 2.0-liter TFSI from BMW's arch nemesis Audi has been picked. In its raw form, this four-cylinder puts out 265 (old S3 and outgoing TTS, old Golf R), but with a bit of Stage 3 magic it will have somewhere between 340 and 350 hp.

That's not the only affront to BMW engineering. the DQ250 six-speed DSG gearbox is also being installed into the car, together with a limited slip diff and a sequential-style gear stick. As you can see, tens of kilos of wiring and tens of hours of work are going into the car. Doctor Frankenstein would be proud!