Livermore to Castle Air Museum - Sun., February 25, 2024

Our February run will take us over backroads through the hills and valleys of the East Bay and out to the Central Valley and Castle Air Muse...

French I-WAY Simulators

If you happen to be in Lyon, France you should make a point of stopping by the exclusive virtual-racing I-WAY building. It is €60 ($73) for a single race, or €630 ($770) for 10 races. There are three simulation zones - F1 racing, Endurance racing and rally/touring racing - a gym, bar, restaurant, shops, conference and meeting rooms and offices. The rally simulation uses six Citroen S2 S1600 cars. Endurance racers drive Pescarolo cars. Formula 1 racing is in six F1 cars with simulated 850bhp, 19,000rpm engines.

[Source: [I-WAY via Dezeen via OhGizmo via Gizmodo]