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Ride Of A Lifetime

AOL news reports that a 24-year-old Ohio man Brandon R. Farmer spotted a semi-truck trailer stopped at a red light and jumped onto the rear rail of the vehicle before the driver hit the gas. His intent was to ride on the back of the semi trailer rail until it stopped at the next traffic signal in downtown Washington Court House, Ohio and then to dismount, but, the semi didn't stop since the traffic signals in the downtown area were programmed to remain green unless they sensed cross traffic. Unaware he had a passenger, the truck driver never slowed as he made his way to the next town of Sabina at about 55 mph. Holding on for his life, Farmer called 911 on his cellphone.

Click here to listen to his cell phone call to 911.

Seventeen miles later a Sabina, Ohio police officer was able to pull over the semi. Farmer, under the influence of alcohol, was arrested for disorderly conduct.