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Steal A Police Car In The Nude Get Charged For Lewdness

According to the Salt Lake Tribune a man was outside his vehicle on SR-111 putting up home business signs when a woman pulled up next to him, got out of her vehicle, naked, and stole his car. The man called 911, hopped behind the wheel of the woman’s abandoned car, and gave chase. She left the highway and veered onto a dirt road leading into a field where got stuck and then fled on foot into the brush. Police scoured the rugged sagebrush and grasslands for their suspect, described as 5-foot-5, 120 to 130 pounds, thin and with reddish-brown hair. The woman was spotted hiding behind a bush. As one officer approached, a second officer arrived in his squad car. The woman refused to surrender and, as the officers moved in, she broke away and hopped behind the wheel of the police cruiser and sped away dragging the officers a short distance before they let go. She drove the police car through a fence gate, hit a dirt berm when she missed a curve, and went airborne about 50 feet before crashing into another berm. The woman then fled the ruined squad car and streaked into the weeds again with two officers in pursuit. She tried to double back toward the highway, wriggling through a barbed wire fence. However, other officers were waiting for her. She would not obey commands and was tasered when she appeared to be ready to run again. She was then arrested on suspicion of receiving or transferring a stolen vehicle, fleeing causing property damage, hit-and-run, obstruction of justice and lewdness. The police cruiser, worth about $30,000, was a total loss.

Come on, a charge of lewdness?