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Thank You No. 235 Whoever You Are


California Vehicle Code Section 5101.4. (a) Any person otherwise eligible under this article who is a recipient of the Army Medal of Honor, Navy Medal of Honor, Air Force Medal of Honor, Army Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, or Air Force Cross may apply for special license plates for the vehicle under this article.

(b) The applicant, by conclusive evidence, shall show that the applicant is a recipient of one of the nation's highest decorations for valor, as specified in subdivision (a).

(c) The special license plates issued under this section shall contain the words "Legion of Valor" and shall run in a regular numerical series. An adhesive sticker denoting which of the nation's highest decorations for valor, as specified in subdivision (a), is held by the applicant shall be affixed in a recess provided for it on the license plates.

(d) Upon the death of a person issued special license plates pursuant to this section, his or her surviving spouse may retain the special license plates subject to the conditions set forth in this section. Upon the death of the spouse, the retained special license plates shall be returned to the department* either (1) within 60 days following that death or (2) upon the expiration of the vehicle registration, whichever occurs first.

(e) Sections 5106 and 5108 do not apply to this section.

* Throughout this page "the department" refers to the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

[Source: California Department of Veterans Affairs; Photo Credit: Just A Car Guy]