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Getting The Kids To Shut Up

Julia Layton for The Learning Channel offers these "10 Ways to Keep Kids Quiet in Cars and on the Plane."

1. Offer a Preemptive Bribe;
2. Time Naps (give them a dose of Benadryl);
3. Run It Out (pre-trip playground time);
4. Feed The Right Meal (sleepy low carb and sugar foods like milk);
5. Snack Away (low sugar and healthy please):
6. Pacify, Pacify, Pacify (hand them a pacifier);
7. Play A Game;
8. Sing (or Read) Along;
9. Offer New Toys; and
10. Take Advantage Of Technology (give them an iPhone, iPad, video player).

We think some of her suggestions are more grueling and harmful than just letting the kid cry it out.