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CarsDirect Compiles Reviews Of The 2012 MCS

CarsDirect has compiled others reviews of the 2012 MCS and synopsizes them in their review of the vehicle. Here's the summary:
2012 MINI Cooper S Review Summary
What reviewers liked most about the 2012 MINI Cooper S:
Body roll is minimal, even in high-speed turns, and the car's exceptional stiffness simply enhances the feeling of stability and control. - Cars.com
[The optional SMG transmission] swaps gears as quickly as any dual-clutch gearbox and even matches revs when we call for a downshift. - Edmunds.com
What reviewers liked least about the 2012 MINI Cooper S:
Though the back seats are deep with good thigh support, passengers eat their kneecaps on long drives. - Motor Trend

2012 MINI Cooper S Comparisons:
The Cooper S comes with a sport-tuned suspension, but its behavior is still much more refined than other cars capable of similar track speeds. - New Car Test Drive
Best one-liners about the 2012 MINI Cooper S: 
Not many economy cars can boast a 138-mph top speed and a 7.0-second 0-to-60-mph acceleration time... - Automobile
One new review of the 2012 MCS not quoted by CarsDirect is the AutoTrader's extensive review. AutoTrader concludes:
There are less expensive small cars, like the Fiat 500 but most force some sort of compromise where the Mini is that "just right" fit most shoppers will like. The 2012 Mini Cooper S packs a lot of style and fun into a small package and proves you can have performance, economy and style all rolled into one car.