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What Do You Think? Stripes For The Countryman?

Mark Takahashi, an associate editor at edmund's inside line, writes about adding stripes to the 2011 MINI Cooper S Countryman. His take is in the accompanying animated gif. Takahasi writes, in part:
Without the black hood stripes we currently have on our Countryman, it looks downright boring. The black stripes help a little, but it really doesn't do much for me. But those red stripes really spice things up, no?

I like the thick and thin offset stripes. And the number plate on the door fill the large expanses of blank sheetmetal nicely. But I have to say, applying these stripes would be a major pain in the butt. All of those compound curves will make a straight sticker bend all over the place, as I found out when I last undertook this project. I ended up having to precisely stretch the vinyl in some spots and cut and section other areas. When it was all done, though, I was proud of the results.