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Is This The 2014 MINI Hybrid?

MINI News of MINILosAngeles.com claims that the accompanying photo is a spy shot of the 2014 MINI Cooper Hybrid. It writes:
The 2014 MINI Cooper is a hybrid vehicle unlike any other. The front wheels are connected to a gas motor, while the rear wheels run on a completely unattached electric motor. The car switches from gas to electric depending on the speed of the car and the driving conditions. This fascinating hybridization movement is thanks to a one-of-a-kind partnership between parent company BMW and the European car maker, PSA Peugot Citroen. Together, these two superstars of car engineering have created a new generation of affordable hybrid cars, specifically designed for the MINI Cooper line.
The article further claims that the MINI Hybrid will not be just one car but a series - "Different versions are expected to be seen, ranging from the typical MINI Cooper to the Countryman."