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Need A Good Visible Phone Dock For Your MINI?

instructables has step by step instructions to build a MINI Cooper Phone Dock from the following materials and tools:
* Aluminum Tube, 3/16 DIA X 12" L .
* 45° Angle Joint, and 90° Angle Joint .
* Popsicle (Craft) Sticks . Most any sort of light, thin, rigid material will do.
* Epoxy, Cement, and/or Pipe Solder . I used a general purpose silicon epoxy/glue and it seems to be working but I'll update if that changes.
* Phone Case. You must be able to get the phone out from the front of the case and obviously see the screen when the phone is in it. i used a silicone case which was cheep and available but it is floppy and non-stick which made the build a little more complicated than I had hoped.
* 2-3 Cable Ties .

* Ruler
* Hacksaw
* Knife