Livermore to Castle Air Museum - Sun., February 25, 2024

Our February run will take us over backroads through the hills and valleys of the East Bay and out to the Central Valley and Castle Air Muse...

MINI Is One Of The Top Ten Selling Convertibles In The US

Ridelust reports that, according to Polk, MINI holds sixth place in the US for sales of convertibles with a 4.3% market share. Here are the top ten:
1. Chevy Camaro, with 12.4% market share

2. Ford Mustang, with 11.0% market share

3. Mercedes-Benz E Class, with 5.7% market share

4. BMW 328, with 4.7% market share

5. Volkswagen EOS, with 4.6% market share

6. MINI Cooper, with 4.2% market share

7. Mazda MX-5, with 4.2% market share

8. Mitsubishi Eclipse, with 4.1% market share

9. Infiniti G37, with 4.0% market share

10. Volvo C70, with 4.0% market share