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Making The Most Unreliable Car On The Road

British insurance firm Warranty Direct combined the most unreliable components of all the models sold in the UK to see what the most unreliable vehicle would look like. The choices were made based on its database of 50,000 live policies on cars aged five years on average. The result: a four wheel monstrosity that breaks every other month and needs an average of $3,270 to put right each time. According to autoevolution:
The car has the suspension of an M3, an MG TF engine up front, unreliable electrics from a Renault Megane, dodgy air-conditioning system of a SEAT Alhambra, the heating system of a SEATToledo, the ignition of a Mercedes V-Klasse, the steering system of a Volvo C70, the gearbox of a Land Rover Freelander and the brakes of an Audi A8.
The study also revealed, according to the insurer:
almost 40 percent of BMW M3 need repairs to axle and suspension components alone each year, while the same proportion of Renault Meganes need their electrics sorted out.