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Automotive's First Drive Of The 2012 Mini Cooper S Coupe

Automotive says,
We noticed a little more wind noise from the window glass than we've experienced in Mini hardtops, but the Coupe's biggest drawback is visibility. While the raked windshield doesn't eat hinder the driver's forward view all that much, rearward vision is compromised. Small quarter windows help reduce blind spots, but the mail-slot rear window provides a limited view of traffic behind you, and is further hindered when the decklid spoiler is deployed.
Though the Coupe offers the same agility, power, and sophistication we've come to expect from other Minis, it may puzzle bargain hunters. After all, Coupes - regardless of trim level -- command nearly $2000 more than a comparable hardtop, yet offer half the seating and cargo space. Those considerations may not matter to those who swoon over the racy looks and the quirky roofline, but we suspect that may indeed be a very thin slice of total Mini buyers.