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Forbes Says MINI Does Customer Experience Right

Scott Davis writng for Forbes points out companies that do not provide a customer experience and ones that do it right. One of the three that Davis flags as doing it right is MINI,
Customers create their own experience with the MINI-Cooper, and about the only thing missing as they design their cars online is that inimitable new car scent. The MINI’s ”configurator” allows prospective buyers to select and virtually try out the many options for a new Mini. It’s an involving experience that deepens their understanding of the options available, sparks their enthusiasm for a MINI, and, importantly, heightens their level of investment in the brand. Importantly, unique, engaging communications with MINI don’t stop once you have purchased your car—they want the entire experience to be a driver of on-going loyalty and ultimately strong word of mouth. Now, MINI’s using post-purchase communications to solicit customer-suggested improvements in helping the design of the next version of the cars. Brilliant!