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Games With Cars

As if Motor Polo and Car Paintballing were not fun, and a dangerous enough use of an automobile (see today's prior post) the Germans play "Car Jousting." According to Vice:
In Schleswig-Holstein, a deserted wasteland between Hamburg and the Danish border, jousting is having its renaissance. Where their grandfathers relied on horses, the kids now wave their lances from the windows of super-charged stock cars in a massive, unregulated, drunken festival of danger, speed, and mud.
The article says "[a]bout 60 cars align in three parallel rows":
Metallica blares from the speakers. The passengers lean out of the windows, reaching into iron quivers welded to the outside of the cars and pulling out their lances. There’s a whole family inside a baby blue Opel Kadett: dad behind the wheel, mom on the passenger seat, kids in the back. Cars slither around, revolving around themselves, kicking up mud that rains down on everyone like meaty hailstones. The combination of horsepower and “champagne” doesn’t lend itself to precision driving, and in a very slurry way, things are completely out of control.
Wonder whether Car Jousting injuries are covered by insurance?