Livermore to Castle Air Museum - Sun., February 25, 2024

Our February run will take us over backroads through the hills and valleys of the East Bay and out to the Central Valley and Castle Air Muse...

Meet Mini Max - The Greener Amercanized Mini

Mini Max is a 1972 Mini that has been re-built around a modern, more efficient, emissions-compliant 2.0L General Motors 4 cyl. engine and transmission used in a Saturn, resulting in a unique, one-off car that is both meaner and greener than either of the cars it was based on. The car also features unique carbon-fiber roof and fender structures, a tig-welded safety cell, digital instruments, a custom-fabricated radiator, custom headers, unique suspension and braking components, ultralight carbon seats, and much, much more. A photo gallery is available at gas 2.0.