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Olympic Diver Learns To Drive A MINI

Seventeen year old Tom Daley, an Olympic diver and member of the BMW London 2012 Performance Team, has received a new MINI One D Hatch in which he will take his first driving lessons as he prepares for the July FINA World Championships in China.

Daley will be enrolled in the MINI Drivers at Goodwood programme, the UK’s first dedicated motor circuit-based young driver training programme which is focused specifically on teaching safety and developing good driving habits.
Like every other 17 year old I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of my first car, but in my case having my driving licence will be a huge help in my training and preparation schedule for the Olympic Games. When I learn a new dive, it’s all about practising until I get it right. I’ll apply the same practice and determination to learning to drive,”
said Daley.

[Source: autoevolution]