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Possible Cause Of Buzzing Coming From The Engine

Alf James took his 11-year-old Peugeot 106 to a mechanic when it was unable to pass emisasions inspection. The cause was finally diagnosed as bees that had implanted honeycombs in the vehicle's engine. According to the mechanic that discovered the honeycombs:
When we started to investigate, there were no bees present in the car so we certainly weren't expecting to find bees honeycomb. It was amazing that the car was still running, as the rock solid honey comb was completely blocking two of the four cylinder head inlet ports. Upon further investigation it was found that the bees must have flown into the garage, then under the car's bonnet, through a gap in the air filter housing, along the air inlet pipe, past the throttle valve, into the inlet manifold and then started to build their nest in the cylinder head inlet port! It's quite extraordinary.

[Source: Jalopnik]